Countless pets suffer in silence with undetected dental pain and infection, and proper dental care adds substantially to their quality of life.  If you have ever experienced for yourself the effects of dental problems, you can understand how important it is to have your pet examined regularly for dental care needs.  We know that pets can live longer, healthier lives if oral health care is managed and maintained throughout their lives.  In fact, in avoiding the effects of chronic pain and infection, proper dental care may add as much as five quality years to your pet's life.

Dental care should be started early in life, and our staff can guide you in determining what is best for your pet.  Furthermore, vigilance on an owner's part can catch the odor and other telltale signs of progressive dental disease.

Routine cleanings are needed to maintain overall dental health and should start at the first signs  of dental disease.  Animal Care and Medical Center is pleased to provide routine and advanced care of your pet's teeth and treat diseases of the mouth, gums, and teeth.  Our doctors and dental technicians have attended numerous post-graduate training courses and have a well equipped dental facility to provide your pet with what they need.