The number 1 cause of a pets death is getting lost

Microchips are tiny (rice-sized) impants that are safe and reliable. These computer chips can be read by a scanner if your pet becomes lost.  Pets who becomes lost and are turned into a shelter or animal control facility are routinely scanned for the presence of microchips.  Each microchip has a unique number assigned to it which then allows for identification of the pet and owner so that you can be contacted and reunited with your pet.

 Microchips are recommended for most of the pets seen at Animal Care and Medical Center including Birds.  Mircochips are implanted on your pet during routine visits or during a surgical procedure, such as when a pet is neutered.

Traveling with your pet?  All animals leaving the country must have a microchip.

Learn more about micro chipping your pet at homeagain.com