At Animal Care and Medical Center, we believe that bathing and grooming are essential to the happiness and health of your pet.   A licensed professional groomer and experienced bathers are available Monday thru Friday.

Properaly groomed pets are not just pretty to look at, regular grooming can help keep your pet healthy and safe.  For example, if your pet has a clean and trimmed fur coat, parasites such as fleas have a much harder time taking up residence in their fur.  Matting and knots in your pets fur or grim around their eyes can also be a health concern which care easily remedied with a basic bath or full grooming service.  Another common grooming problem are nails that are allowed to grow to long, which can cause accidents where your pet may accidentally hurt you or others.  Additionally, some pets do not naturally wear down their nails in their daily activities and may run into pain and health problems if the nail starts curling back on itself.  In all of the cases, a simple grooming service will be able to resolve all of these issues.

We also bathe Birds, Rabbits, Guinea Pigs and Ferrets.

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