Please note: The requirements for pets who travel outside of the United States varies by country.  The USDA has a very informative website which can give you guidelines for all you need to do to get your animal ready for travel. That website can be found here:

Scroll to that bottom of the page and you will find the list of countries. We encourage you to not only reference this website, but to also contact the appropriate authorities in the location to which you are traveling for the most updated information. We can help point you in the right direction to get this information! Please note that every country has different requirements and those requirements vary by species. It can take a long time to complete these requirements (often in excess of six months) so as soon as you know your plans, contact us so we can help you get going with the process.

Health Certificates for Domestic traveling can vary by state and by airline.    For domestic travels please check your with airline carrier for special requirements.  Most airlines require a Domestic Health Certifcate that is valid for 10 days.

Every animal leaving the United States for another country must have a microchip.

When driving cross coutry Animal Care and Medical Center recommends having a copy of your pets current vaccination records with you.

ARE YOU FLYING WITH A PET ? Here are some important tips to keep your pet safe!!!

*NEVER SEDATE an animal that is flying!
*INSPECT your carrier or crate before you go to the airport-check the security of zippers, seams, locks, screws, and connections.
*DO NOT REMOVE AN UNLEASHED PET IN AN OPEN AREA!!! If security wants your pet screened, ask to be placed with your pet in a secu
re room.
*If your pet is flying as checked cargo, USE ZIP TIES to latch the door shut. Make sure top and bottom of carrier are held together with metal screws and reinforced with additional zip ties.
*POST YOUR PET'S PICTURE & FLIGHT NUMBERS AND YOUR NAME & CELL PHONE NUMBER boldly on all sides of crate, with instructions to contact immediately for handling.
*TELL THE PILOT of your aircraft that you have a pet flying as checked baggage or cargo-the pilot controls heat & cooling in the hold!
*DON'T BE SHY!!! Ask questions. Make people aware you are flying with a pet. Be assertive but polite. TAKE WHATEVER STEPS ARE NECESSARY TO INSURE YOUR PET IS HANDLED RESPECTFULLY AND SAFELY!